A timely effort from Pak-Russia for the peace process in Afghanistan

With the talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban stalled, Russia is stepping up efforts to try and find a way forward in the peace process. The special envoy of Russian president Zamir Kabulov visited Islamabad for the same purpose. We have already highlighted in our editorials that the USA must think twice before abandoning the deal; this is 2021 and not 2001. Today, the world is not ready to see Afghanistan as the USA wish to show it, according to its fancy.

All countries in the region including Pakistan want peace. They are all aware that only vacillating US policy and India are halting the peace process. Even those who had relations with India for decades have started realizing its bad intentions. As a result of Pakistan’s dynamic policy of seeking peace through contact with all groups that important members of the Northern Alliance have started relying on Pakistan. Ahmad Shah Masood’s brother Ahmad Wali Masood’s visit to Pakistan could be seen in this context. Here he met with Foreign Minister and other people and said that Pakistan and Afghanistan’s peace and security are interlinked.

Now things are crystal clear. Peace-loving countries are queuing up together which anti-peace countries have lined up in a separate queue. In such a scenario, if the USA attempts to suspend the agreement due to India or any other interest-driven element then they will be first to isolate themselves. India and Ashraf Ghani both have their interest in the war. In the case of peace, India’s terror nurseries cannot work. On the other hand, Ashraf Ghani will lose the throne. We feel that Pakistan, Russia, China, and Iran should adhere to the peace process and not bother about the presence of the USA or Ashraf Ghani and force the USA globally to implement its agreement. The USA should exit Afghanistan by 1st May so that the Afghans would chalk out their own plan. Peace in Afghanistan will be beneficial for CPEC as well. China can access Central Asia via Pakistan and Central Asia can access China.

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