Amid the rise in abductions and killings of Pashtuns by the Pakistan Army and terrorists across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the Pashtun rights organisation Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has accused Pakistan of orchestrating these incidents to increase the militarisation of their land.

PTM took to X, formerly Twitter and said, “Pashtunkhwa especially ex-fata region is highly militarized, full of military / FC checkpoints, fenced & blockaded from all sides. Entry & exit of ex-fata districts under strict military control. The recent events in Pakhtunkhwa is part of strategy to keep it militarized, to continue fake encounters & enforced disappearance policy intact.”

PTM also said that these incidents are carried out to maintain a culture of silence. It accused that Pakistan doesn’t want “normalization” of Pakhtunkhwa and so it will continue with the staged & strategic lawlessness.

It is not the first time that PTM has exposed the Pakistani intent to keep the region and its people subjugated. Earlier, PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen termed the ongoing terrorism and abductions incidents as part of the Dollar war. According to him, Pakistan presents itself as a victim of terrorism to take dollars from the West on the pretext of building more infrastructure. On the other hand, it asks China to infuse dollar so as to compete with the West and build even more.

In this filthy policy, the terrorists are used as the instrument and the biggest loss is faced by Pashtuns. Pakistan Army deliberately kills Pashtuns, abducts them and sometimes labels them as terrorists. Recently, Pak Army killed multiple innocent Pashtun children through its mortar shelling and released statement saying they died by stepping on landmine. As PTM raises its voice, it exposes the Pakistani oppression and the vulnerable condition of Pashtun population in their own homeland.

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