The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) states that in the past year, they have provided medical services and food aid to nearly 7 million people.

Mudassir Hamraz, the spokesperson for the organization, adds that they strive to assist an even greater number of needy individuals in the country.

The spokesperson for the Afghan Red Crescent said, “We are providing health services. The Afghan Red Crescent Society has provided services to nearly seven million people over the past year.”

Meanwhile, some patients and those in need have welcomed these aids and call on all other aid organizations to increase their assistance in health and essential food supplies.

Mir Rahman, a patient, said, “Hospital services are progressing well, and the staff treats people kindly and attends to emergency patients.”

Another patient, Abdul Khaleq, said, “The facilities available here are provided well; however, with these problems, our and the nation’s issues cannot be resolved.”

The Afghan Red Crescent Society is a humanitarian charity organization that provides services to victims of natural disasters and offers medical services to those in need in the country.

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