Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) has yet again orchestrated an attack on the Afghan soil, targetting Afghan Taliban. On May 8, a convoy of Taliban was targeted in an IED blast planted on a motorcycle. The blast resulted in the death of 6 Taliban men while at least six others were injured.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s interior ministry, Abd al-Mutin Qani, confirmed the casualties, stating that the bomb was aimed at a unit of security forces dispatched to eradicate illegal poppy fields. He added that an investigation into the attack is ongoing.

In recent months, targeted attacks in Afghanistan have been increased by the ISKP. The terrorist organization has accused the Taliban of apostasy and has been behind several horrific attacks on Afghan soil. Incidents such as the assault on a Shiite mosque, the targeting of a Taliban oil tanker, and an attack near Kabul bank are some of the recent attacks orchestrated by the ISKP in the Taliban-ruled-country.

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