Abdul Rahman Habib, spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy, said that the meeting also discussed the economic sector, combating environmental risks, climate crisis management, and introducing economic opportunities and capacities to attract investments.

The Acting Minister of Economy spoke at this meeting about recent natural events and climate changes, the damage to the economic sector, combating environmental risks, attracting investments, and other economic issues.”

In this meeting, where representatives from several countries were present, they discussed finding appropriate solutions in the joint fight against environmental challenges.

At the same time, a number of economic experts said that the participation of Islamic Emirate officials in such meetings is beneficial for improving and developing Afghanistan’s economic relations with regional and global countries and attracting investments.

“Establishing relations with any country, in any sector, is an achievement because we are a country that has not yet been recognized, we face problems, and our banking system is restricted. Therefore, any interaction with any country is a significant achievement for us,” said Abdul Basir Turki, an economic expert.

“It is very good that Islamic Emirate officials have multiple trips to neighboring and regional countries, and I hope that these trips will lead to the expansion of our political and economic relations with neighboring and regional countries,” said Shabir Bashiri, another economic expert.

Last year Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate, also participated in the Trans-Himalaya Forum and emphasized economic, transit cooperation, regional connectivity, and increased trade between countries.

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