Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate, said in a meeting with the ministry’s employees that the interim government’s interaction with countries and global institutions has made good progress.

Muttaqi cited the travels of interim government officials to various countries as part of the diplomatic advancements of the interim government with the world.

The acting Foreign Minister said: “Kabul has hosted many foreign representatives from different countries and organizations, and delegations from these countries have had meetings in various sectors, all of which indicate that Afghanistan has now made significant progress in its interaction with the world.”

He also added that there is no concern inside or outside the country that opponents of the Islamic Emirate can rely on.

Amir Khan Muttaqi added: “There is no concern seen inside or outside the country that would give hope to the enemies. The system is getting stronger day by day, and more importantly, so is the unity of the Afghan people and their support for the current system.”

Meanwhile, some experts believe that progress in relations between Afghanistan and other countries will help Afghanistan find solutions to various challenges it has faced for years.

“The Islamic Emirate must consider what needs to be done to formalize this interaction. I think the world has many specific demands from the Islamic Emirate, one of which is the rights of women and girls,” said Mohammad Sanger Amirzada, an international relations analyst.

“Firstly, interact with neighboring countries, secondly with the Islamic world countries, and finally with the world,” said Sayed Zia Hossaini, another political analyst.

Amir Khan Muttaqi’s remarks on the progress of the interim government’s interaction with the world come while no country has yet recognized the Islamic Emirate government.

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