On Sunday night, armed assailants launched an attack on the Tribal Coal Mines in Duki, Balochistan.

According to police sources, the gunfire resulted in the deaths of two individuals and left one injured. The armed attackers also exchanged fire with security forces personnel.

The bodies of the deceased and the injured have been transferred to Dukki Civil Hospital.

In related news, the Truck Transport Union has announced a halt to coal loading from Dukki starting today.

The union stated that compensation for the burning of eight trucks in the Sanjavi area has not been received yet. Additionally, the families of truck drivers who were killed or injured have not been compensated either. The coal supply will remain suspended until these compensations are paid, the union said.

The statement further warned that if the demands are not met, protests will be held across the country.

It should be noted that in May, unidentified individuals attacked coal trucks traveling from Balochistan to Punjab in the Dukki area of Balochistan. The gunfire resulted in the death of one truck driver and injured three other truck drivers.

The incident of firing on coal-carrying trucks occurred near Sanjavi Pasra Tangi in Dukki. After the firing, the armed individuals set the trucks on fire.

The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that the trucks involved in the plundering of Baloch resources were targeted as they were transporting coal from Balochistan to Punjab.

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