Attack on the rally by Jamaat-e-Islami in Karachi

The bombing of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Kashmir rally in Karachi on Wednesday proved that RAW agents are still present and active in Pakistan and that their sleeper cells in Karachi have taken refuge in the same groups that the Pakistani rulers have groomed. Despite the heavy presence of Rangers and police, motorcyclists dropped bombs and security agencies could not do anything. This is an indication that all the claims made so far for peace were false. Or it could be the administration is involved in the whole incident. In any case, maintaining law and order was the job of the administration and security agencies. The blast did not break the enthusiasm of the JUI workers and the rally continued. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a protest in solidarity with Kashmiris was attacked and more than two dozen people were injured. One of them died on Thursday. It is due to the careless approach of the government that even solidarity protests for Kashmir are under attack.

The government of Pakistan should fulfil its responsibilities concerning Kashmir. To declare Jihad is an obligation and not a right of the government. The Pakistani Senate has also passed a unanimous resolution rejecting India’s August 5 move. It is a diplomatic success because due to Pakistan’s effort a meeting of the Security Council meeting has been convened. But if Pakistan could not present its position effectively in this meeting and persuade the Security Council to hold a referendum in Kashmir, then what is the use of such a meeting and sometimes the meeting of international organizations turns anti-Pakistan. The reason is that the Pakistani delegate lack interest.

With regard to the attack on the Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi rally, the suspicion is growing that the people who used to work for RAW are still present and the claims of their elimination were just made up stories. This is the same group which held three-day strikes in Karachi from February 6-7 to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day and ensured the effectiveness of the strike. In other times the same group would worsen the situation in the city to create the impression of instability and to highlight the atrocities committed on one particular class of people and bring it to the notice of the world. Thus Kashmir and Karachi were always presented by the same group as a parallel issue. The fact of the matter is that Kashmir is not one of the priorities for those who rule Pakistan at the centre and in the provinces. Until the priorities are right, the roadmap for Kashmir’s independence will not be ready.

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