Two Baloch ‘pro-independence’ groups, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Baloch Republican Guards (BRG), have claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Balochistan targeting Pakistani security forces and infrastructure.

In statements issued on Thursday and Saturday, BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch claimed responsibility for six attacks on Pakistani military forces and a communication tower in Zamuran, Tump, Kalat, and Kolwah.

Jeeyand Baloch said BLA fighters ambushed a Pakistani military convoy in the Kundakparan area of Zamuran on Thursday, using heavy weapons to inflict significant casualties and damage.

The spokesperson detailed five other attacks in the statement issued on Thursday. These included targeting Pakistani security forces and a communication tower, which allegedly resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and the destruction of the tower.

He said BLA fighters launched grenades at the main camp of Pakistani forces at the grade station in Tump, killing two soldiers and injuring at least three others. Another group targeted the main gate of the office of Pakistani intelligence agencies adjacent to the grade station with grenades, causing further casualties and damage.

Additionally, BLA fighters attacked a checkpoint at the Tump exchange, injuring at least one soldier. In Kalat’s Mangocher area, they targeted the main gate of the central camp, injuring three soldiers in a grenade attack.

On Wednesday night, BLA fighters reportedly set fire to machinery at a Ufone communication tower in the Rodkan area of Kolwah.

In a separate statement, BRG spokesperson Dostain Baloch claimed responsibility for an explosion on a 36-inch gas pipeline from Sui to Punjab. He said BRG fighters planted explosives near Karim Chowke in Rajanpur’s Rojhan area, destroying the pipeline on Friday night.

The BLA and BRG declared that their operations would continue until Balochistan is liberated.

In another incident, unidentified armed individuals attacked a construction company in Gwadar, setting its machinery on fire. The attack took place near the Nalint area, where the assailants set ablaze multiple vehicles, loaders, dumpers, and other equipment.

While dozens of similar attacks have been claimed by Baloch ‘pro-independence’ groups in Gwadar, Kech, and other areas of Balochistan, no group has yet claimed responsibility for this particular attack.

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