Three separate attacks targeted Pakistani security forces in Balochistan’s Kech, Panjgoor, and Bolan districts. The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), two Baloch ‘pro-independence’ groups, have claimed responsibility for these attacks.

In a media statement, BLA spokesperson, Jeeyand Baloch, said that BLA fighters launched an attack in Sanjawal, Bolan, on Tuesday evening. The attack began with a sniper shot that killed one soldier, followed by an assault with automatic and heavy weapons that resulted in the deaths of three additional soldiers and several injuries. The attack also reportedly set the security forces’ tents on fire, leading to the destruction of equipment.

Jeeyand Baloch mentioned that for the last seven days, Pakistani forces have been conducting a military operation in Bolan and the surrounding areas, accusing them of shelling civilian areas and using women and children as human shields.

Furthermore, the BLA spokesperson claimed responsibility for another attack on Pakistani forces in Panjgoor on February 23. According to Jeeyand Baloch, BLA fighters targeted a security checkpoint near the Rakhshan River with grenade launchers, resulting in the deaths of two soldiers.

In a separate attack, BLF spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for an assault on Pakistani forces in Tump, Kech, on February 26. He said that BLF fighters attacked a security checkpoint with heavy weapons, inflicting significant damage and casualties.

Both groups reiterated their goal of driving the Pakistani forces out of Balochistan and achieving independence for the region.

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