Two major ‘pro-independence’ armed groups in Balochistan, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) have claimed responsibility for recent attacks on Pakistani security forces in the Quetta and Kech districts, resulting in multiple casualties.

In a media statement, Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army, said the group targeted a Pakistani military vehicle in Quetta using a magnetic bomb. The attack took place on Thursday in the Killi Ibrahimzai area of Brewery Road.

According to Jeeyand Baloch, the vehicle was delivering food to military checkpoints. Two of the three soldiers in the vehicle were killed instantly, and one was seriously injured. He stated that the BLA would continue its attacks until the complete withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Balochistan.

In a separate statement, Major Gohram Baloch, spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front, claimed responsibility for two attacks on Pakistani forces in the Kech district.

The BLF reported that on June 26, at noon, its fighters used an IED to target a convoy of Pakistani military vehicles in the Koh Pusht Bazaar area of Shahrak on the CPEC route. The attack destroyed the rear part of one vehicle, resulting in casualties among the soldiers on board.

The BLF spokesperson said an innocent bystander was also injured when a nearby vehicle was caught in the explosion. Major Baloch expressed regret for the civilian injury and reiterated warnings for civilians to avoid military convoys due to the risk of attacks. He extended condolences to the injured individual and their family.

Earlier that same day, at 7:30 AM, BLF fighters ambushed another convoy of Pakistani forces in Satellite Town, Turbat, using automatic and heavy weapons. The attack allegedly resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and injuries to two others. Major Baloch said the BLF fighters targeted a road clearance team traveling from the main camp in Turbat to the D Baloch camp, causing partial damage to one vehicle.

Following the ambush, Pakistani forces reportedly opened indiscriminate fire at the general population, injuring a passerby, Shoaib, son of Deen Muhammad, a resident of Dasht Apsi Gaz.

In a related statement, the BLF addressed allegations against Bahadur alias Babu, son of Yaqoob, who has denied accusations of forming a state-backed ‘death squad’ and conducting operations against Baloch ‘sarmachars’ (fighters).

The BLF spokesperson reiterated that the BLF is a responsible national organization fighting for the freedom of Balochistan and will provide Bahadur alias Babu a fair opportunity to defend himself against accusations of national treason, forming a death squad under state sponsorship, and conducting operations against Baloch ‘sarmachars’ (fighters).

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