According to infographics released by BLA’s official media channel, Hakkal, Baloch Liberation Army insurgents conducted 95 attacks in 43 areas over the past six months.

The report states that during these operations, 253 personnel of Pakistani forces were killed, 100 were injured, and nearly 20 weapons were seized. Additionally, 39 “arrests” by BLA have been reported in these attacks.

During the past six months, the BLA has captured five camps of Pakistani forces.

The report highlights that in the first six months of this year, the BLA-Majeed Brigade carried out three “self sacrificing” [suicide] operations, while the BLA’s Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) and Fatah Squad executed three other operations.

Detailing the Majeed Brigade’s suicide operations, the report mentions the first operation was conducted in January, during which BLA insurgents controlled Machh city and surrounding areas for over 72 hours. The second operation was carried out in March with an attack on the Gwadar Port Authority complex, resulting in the death of 25 Pakistani intelligence personnel. The third operation in March targeted Pakistan Navy’s PNS Siddique, where 14 personnel were killed. Both March attacks were part of the BLA’s ‘Operation Zarpehazag.’

The report states that in six months, BLA’s operations resulted in the death of 20 collaborators of Pakistan Army, destruction of 23 vehicles, 37 explosions, and 14 military installations and equipment being destroyed.

Furthermore, the report mentions special unit operations, including the April operation by STOS in Noshki, which resulted in the capture and killing of 9 personnel, the intelligence-based operation in Quetta Shaban in June with ten arrests, and the recent Kalat Iskalku operation where Fatah Squad and STOS seized a military camp.

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