The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), a ‘pro-independence’ armed group, has claimed responsibility for two separate attacks on Pakistani security forces in the Kech and Panjgur districts of Balochistan.

In a statement to the media, Major Gohram Baloch, the BLF spokesperson, said that BLF fighters attacked a police station in the Hoshap area of Kech on the night of June 22. He said the operation was carried out at 11 PM, during which BLF fighters detained the police personnel and seized weapons and equipment.

The items confiscated included eight AK-47 rifles, five G3 rifles, fifteen AK-47 magazines, twelve G3 magazines, eight knives, and eleven daggers.

The BLF spokesperson alleged that the police personnel were involved in extorting money from the public and small business owners, in collaboration with the Pakistani army. He also accused them of humiliating the Baloch people. Major Baloch claimed that the station was used as a base for armed militias formed by the Pakistani army.

He said the detained police personnel were released with a warning due to their local status.

Major Baloch warned the Levies force and police personnel to stop cooperating with the Pakistani army and to refrain from actions that harm the public. He said that any such actions would result in them being treated as enemy collaborators.

In a separate statement, Major Baloch claimed responsibility for an attack on the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in Panjgur on June 24. He said BLF fighters targeted the ANF on Jamay Mosque Road in the Chitkan area of Panjgur at 1:20 PM. Two ANF personnel, Constable Afzal and Soldier Shahid, were severely injured in the attack. Constable Afzal later died from his injuries.

Major Gohram Baloch reiterated that the BLF would continue its attacks until the liberation of Balochistan.

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