The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), a freedom fighter group, has killed two Pak intelligence operatives in separate raids in the restive Pak-occupied-Balochistan province.

BLF spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch, in a statement issued to the media, said that Baloch freedom fighters killed two operatives of MI and ISI, Hamidullah s/o Akhtar, a resident of Panjgur, in the Qalam Chowk area of Panjgur, and Hamza in the Shoraparu area of Kalat at the place of Dor, and seized their weapons and other equipment.

The spokesman said that a special team was formed to eliminate him, which kept a close watch on the movements of them. On June 4, acting on information, the Baloch freedom fighters carried out an operation and neutralized him.

“This national criminal was an important operative against Baloch freedom fighters and involved in various social evils,” the spokesperson said.

In a second operation on June 5 in Kalat district, the BLF killed Hamza, who worked directly for Habibullah Mardanshahi – the head of a death squad formed by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. The spokesman accused Hamza of involvement in the killings of other Baloch fighters.

The spokesperson said that the criminal was a direct subordinate of the notorious Zamanali Hyder Mohd Hassani.

He said that he was directly involved in the martyrdom of fellow freedom fighters Shaheed Shams Baloch, Shaheed Dr. Shuaib, and Zafar Baloch, in addition to committing social evils in areas of Kalat and Kharan.

Heinous crimes such as abducting people and handing them over to the Pak Army was also committed by Hamza. Based on solid evidence of his crimes, the Balochistan Liberation Front fighters decided to neutralize him on June 5, and after killing him, the fighters took away his weapons and other equipment.

The spokesman said that the BLF takes responsibility for the killing of them. The statement said that they have been punished for their crimes committed against the Baloch nation. It also warned others to refrain from their criminal activities, otherwise, they too will meet the same fate.

Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest but least populated province, has grappled with a long-running freedom struggle. Various Baloch freedom fighter groups, including the BLF, have waged an armed struggle against the Army, for subjugation of the Baloch people and exploitation of the resource-rich region’s natural resources.

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