The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has published a comprehensive report detailing their armed operations conducted from January to June. According to the BLF’s media wing, the organization executed 108 operations across Pak-occupied-Balochistan, targeting Pak forces, collaborators, construction companies, and military installations, including mobile towers.

The report reveals that over 112 military personnel were killed, and more than 74 were injured in these operations. Additionally, five collaborators were eliminated, and weapons were seized from one of them. The BLF also completely destroyed five military vehicles and caused significant damage to several others, including motorcycles.

The operations also led to the destruction of four trucks, three bulldozers, and one trailer. The tires of eight trucks were burst, and several vehicles and machinery belonging to the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), including dumpers and loaders, were damaged by gunfire.

In two notable operations, Pak police were attacked, resulting in the confiscation of police weapons. The BLF also reported shooting down two surveillance drones. During these operations, four mobile towers, along with their machinery, were destroyed by fire, and one crash plant was set ablaze.

The BLF captured six personnel, including two Frontier Corps (FC) soldiers, and seized seventeen enemy weapons. The report documented nine remote-controlled bomb attacks and seven hand grenade assaults.

The report also paid tribute to four BLF comrades who were martyred while bravely fighting against the Army to defend the Baloch national identity and homeland. The Balochistan Liberation Front has vowed to continue their operations until the complete liberation of Balochistan and the full withdrawal of occupying forces.

Independence groups like the BLF have been engaged in a long-standing revolution against the Pakistan Army. Since 1948, the Pakistan Army has forcefully occupied the resource-rich region of Balochistan and, to exploit it indefinitely, has launched scathing attacks on the Baloch community.

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