The BRICS foreign ministers emphasized the peaceful resolution of Afghanistan’s challenges in a joint statement.

The statement also stressed ensuring that terrorists do not use Afghan soil. They supported Afghanistan as an independent, peaceful country free from war, terrorism, and drugs.

“The Ministers emphasized the need for an urgent peaceful settlement in Afghanistan in order to strengthen regional security and stability. They advocated for Afghanistan as an independent, united and peaceful state free from terrorism, war and drugs,” the joint statement reads. 

Immediate humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and the protection of the fundamental rights of the people, especially women and various ethnic groups, are other areas highlighted in this joint statement.

The joint statement of the foreign ministers of BRICS member countries states: “stressed the need to provide urgent and uninterrupted humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people and to safeguard the fundamental rights of all Afghans including women, girls and different ethnic groups.”

“Their thinking is that there are certain groups operating in Afghanistan, and they need to reassure them. We should maintain diplomatic relations with regional and global countries so that they can be assured,” said Mohammad Emal Dostyar, a university lecturer.

Political analyst Samiullah Ahmadzai said: “During this period, all politicians have asked the Islamic Emirate to take positive steps in this regard. We should not condition girls’ schools and universities on interaction with the international community; it is in our own best interest.”

The Islamic Emirate has not yet commented on this matter but has consistently assured that Afghan soil will not be used against any country.

Abdul Jamil Shirani, another political analyst, said: “The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated and clarified that there should be no concerns about Afghanistan’s territory. There will be no problems for neighboring countries, the region, and even beyond that, for the United States and its allies.”

The meeting of the foreign ministers of BRICS member countries was held in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, with the participation of foreign ministers from Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Africa, Laos, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Thailand, Belarus, Venezuela, Mauritania, and Vietnam.

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