In a recent session at the British Parliament, MP John McDonnell led a discussion on the urgent issue of human rights violations in Pak-occupied Balochistan. The discussion brought attention to the long-standing difficulties faced by the Baloch people, whose voices are often overlooked on the international stage.

Balochistan has seen a turbulent past that includes British rule and subsequently Pakistan’s forceful occupation for looting its vast natural resources including natural gas and minerals. McDonnell first gave essential background information on the Balochistan region, its rich cultural heritage and historical foundations. He pointed out that despite the abundance of resources in the region Balochistan remains one of the poorest areas in the region, indicating the exploitation of these resources by the Pak establishment.

McDonnell emphasized the persistent resistance and repeated insurgencies within Balochistan by the Pak Army. The debate underscored the urgent call for international attention and action to address the ongoing human rights abuse in Pak-occupied Balochistan. The attention by Rt Hon John McDonnell to address the Balochistan issue in the British parliament is highly appreciated by the Baloch National Movement.

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