The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) has declared the launch of the “HumSafar Campaign” in response to the devastating floods in Gwadar, to give vital relief to those affected by the disaster. A three-day relief camp will be established throughout Pak-occupied Balochistan as part of the initiative, and it will start on 7 March 2024.

The campaign is urging people and institutions to generously offer their support. They have urged people to donate food, water filtration equipment, tents, blankets, medications, and supplies for the younger population to help the flood victims through this difficult time.

BYC team visits Jiwani

Recently on March 4, the BYC visited Jiwani (Gwadar) to assess the damage caused by the recent flooding in the region. The committee, while expressing solidarity with the impacted population, calls on Baloch communities around the world to actively participate in efforts to lessen the suffering of those affected by the Gwadar floods. It encourages people to make a contribution based on their ability to support the rehabilitation process.

Tensions among the impacted population have increased as a result of the brutal Pakistan Army and their Chinese ally’s projects blocking the natural water flow, which has caused the city to flood. The Pak establishment has long ignored and marginalized the Baloch community and neglected them in times of crisis. By prolonging a cycle of oppression and violence, the government’s actions have worsened the suffering of the Baloch people rather than assisting them when needed.

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