Order Issued by the Sadar-i-Riyasat on August 8, 1953

Where as for some months I have been noticing with growing concern that there have existed acute differences of opinion between members of the Government on basic issues -political, economic and administrative-affecting the vital inter-ests of the State;
And whereas members of the Government have been publicly expressing sharply conflicting points of view regarding these matters;
And whereas on these fundamental issues the view of a majority of the members the Cabinet are sharply opposed to the view held by the Prime Minister and one of his colleagues;
And whereas efforts to work in harmony and pull together as a team having failed, and the majority in the Cabinet has expressed that, lacking as it does in unity of purpose and Action, the present Cabinet has lost the confidence of the people;
And whereas the economic distress of the people has considerably increased which needs prompt and serious attention;
And whereas a state has reached in which the very process of honest and efficient administration has become impracti-cable;
And whereas finally, the functioning of the present Cabinet on the basis of joint responsibility has become impossible and the resultant conflicts have gravely jeopardised the unity, pros-perity and stability of the State;
I, Karan Singh, Sadar-i-Riyasat, functioning in the inter-ests of the people of the State, who have reposed the responsi-bility and authority of the Headship of the State in me, do hereby dismiss Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah from the Prime Ministership of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and conse-quently the Council of Ministers headed by him is dissolved forthwith.

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