The Free Balochistan Movement (Germany chapter) staged a demonstration in Dortmund, Germany, on May 25, aiming to draw attention to the consequences of Pakistan‘s nuclear tests in Balochistan on May 28, 1998.The protest sought to raise awareness about the dangers posed by Pakistan‘s nuclear arsenal.

Protesters distributed German-language pamphlets and voiced grievances against ongoing human rights violations by Pakistan and Iran in Balochistan. Banners and placards were displayed to inform the German public about the impact of Pakistan’s nuclear activities in Balochistan, which have caused environmental degradation and health issues such as cancer and birth defects.

They detailed how farming and animal husbandry in the regions of Chagai and Gurdu have endured significant damage. The protesters accused Pakistan of storing nuclear assets in Balochistan’s cities including Khuzdar and Somiand called for international intervention to address the situation.

They warned that Pakistan’s possession of nuclear weapons poses a threat to regional and global peace, particularly in light of its history of making nuclear threats.

Abdul Wajid Baloch, the organizer of FBM Germany Branch, urged responsible nations to support efforts to disarm Pakistan, citing concerns about the country’s economic instability and the risk of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of extremists.

FBM activists appealed to international organizations dedicated to nuclear disarmament to assist in removing Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal from Balochistan.

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