Residents of Gwadar, Balochistan’s coastal city, are reportedly facing nightly raids by Pakistani security forces. These incursions into homes, allegedly without warrants, have sparked outrage among the local populace.

Majid Johar, Vice-Chairman of the municipality and leader of the Haq Do Tehreek, publicly condemned these tactics. He has issued a warning that unless locals and public servants are pre-informed about such operations, protests against the security forces will ensue.

During a demonstration at the Haq Do Tehreek office, alongside other members, Johar declared such actions by the army unacceptable. He highlighted the community’s existing struggles with inadequate electricity, clean water, and other essential services.

Gwadar’s residents have expressed concerns that their privacy is being breached as forces enter homes or scale walls without permission. Such practices are described as psychological torture, leaving victims in constant fear of unexpected intrusions.

Locals also report harassment and movement restrictions imposed by security forces during what they refer to as “hunting hours,” which they find intolerable.

A resident from Gwadar’s Mulahind ward recounted to The Balochistan Post an incident where a large contingent of security personnel and police scaled his home’s walls on Tuesday night, confiscating his ID card and subjecting him to interrogation without any legal authority. This practice, he claims, has been repeated with others in the area.

Municipal councilors in Gwadar have stated that continued raids will lead to public protests.

As of now, officials have not provided any comments on these allegations.

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