Harnai Attack: Terrorists Target Pakistan Army

The security forces of Pakistan in Balochistan have cordoned off the area in Harnai where even Pakistani soldiers were killed on 26 December by terrorists. The search for the attackers continues. According to some reports, attacks by anti-Pakistan elements would not be allowed to destabilize peace and security in Balochistan. Right from the first day, the Pakistan army has been offering huge sacrifices to defend the country against its enemies.

Disturbed by the farmers’ sit-in, the Indian rulers sometimes carry out terrorism in Kashmir, sometimes on the Line of Control and now Pakistani forces have been targeted in Balochistan by their agents. In this latest incident, the government, opposition, and all political parties have taken the same stand that the action was taken by Indian-backed agents.

Both the government and the opposition agree on this, but it remains to be seen why Indian agents are being allowed to operate in Pakistan. Has the Baluchistan government failed to monitor or is the army not doing its job properly or is the enemy getting opportunities due to the commotion of the opposition? But there is no disagreement that the Pak army is being targeted to confuse the environment. At this time, any attempt to bring the army into politics in Pakistan will be to the detrimental for Pakistan.

It is essential for the Pak army to get raided in order to pay full attention to border and security issues. To break the courage of the Indian government its spy Kulbhushan should reach his logical conclusion. It may give the Indian government a chance to come out of its frenzy. The matter should not stop at Kulbhushan but all the evidence that the government of Pakistan has sent to the United Nations about India’s intervention needs to be made public.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has condemned the Harnai attack. The premier said that the jawans of the Pakistan army are fighting the terrorists bravely. Imran also said that India is supporting the terrorists in Pakistan. This is not an assumption but an established fact. Pakistan has already presented strong evidence to the UN and other international institutions. India has not responded to these questions yet. Neither the UN nor the US has taken any note of the issue so far. Is the international community giving a message to Pakistan that it should deal with India on its own? If so, there would be no option for Pakistan but to act and that would have devastating implications, even for the world.

Pakistan has fought its own war on terror and has eliminated the menace more or less. But some terrorists crossed the border and went to Afghanistan. They are operating from there with the help of New Delhi. Pakistan is dealing with terrorism well. But as long as the biggest terrorist country of the world, India, is not reined in, terrorism would not end in the region. According to the ISPR press release, the terrorists had come from outside the country and the number of attackers was high.

It is necessary to nab the facilitators of terrorists inside Pakistan. The decision in regard to the Afghan refugees also needs to be taken. Some of them might be like wolves in the sheep’s clothing. Every single citizen would have played a role in ensuring peace in the country.

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