In a significant development, the number of registered voters in Jammu and Kashmir has soared to an unprecedented 8,692,646, indicating a remarkable upsurge in political engagement across the region. As per meticulously compiled electors’ data,the voter demographics portray a well-balanced distribution, with 4,435,541 male voters and 4,256,946 female voters. Additionally, the data underscores inclusivity, spotlighting 77,613 registered voters identified as Persons with Disabilities (PwD), constituting 40% Disability, along with 159 transgender individuals exercising their electoral rights.

This surge in voter registration is further bolstered by a robust electoral infrastructure, boasting over 11,629 polling stations strategically positioned across urban and rural areas. Among these, 9307 polling stations cater to rural communities, underscoring the commitment to equitable access to voting facilities.

Delving into the district-wise breakdown, Kupwara emerges with 532,936 registered voters, followed by Baramulla with 716,179 and Bandipora with 258,675. Each district exhibits unique demographic compositions, reflecting the diverse fabric of the region.

In addition to the sheer number of voters, the data sheds light on the specific needs of certain demographics, such as senior citizens aged 85 and above, and PwD voters. For instance, Kupwara boasts 611 polling stations, with provisions for 5,937 senior citizens and 5,721 PwD voters.

Srinagar, the bustling urban centre, with 748,863 registered voters, illustrates the intricate balance between urbanisation and electoral accessibility, boasting 929 polling stations spread across 423 locations.

Furthermore, districts like Anantnag and Jammu demonstrate significant voter turnouts, with 662,167 and 1,178,978 registered voters, respectively, accompanied by proportional increases in polling stations and locations to accommodate the electorate’s needs.

With the stage set for upcoming elections, the surge in voter registration reflects a burgeoning spirit of democratic engagement and participation among the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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