Hoisting of Pakistani Flag in Srinagar, Grand Mosque

Indian media is making noise on hoisting of Pakistani flag in the grand mosque of Srinagar. In fact, this flag is a reflection of the resolve of Kashmiris. This is not an ordinary development. It is akin to a declaration that very soon Pakistani flag will be hoisted throughout Kashmir. This act was powered by the blood of one hundred thousand martyrdoms offered by Kashmiris. What is happing from Delhi to Srinagar? All have a bearing on India’s own stubbornness and rigidity. Movements of independence are going on in nine Indian states due to the fascist attitude of Hindutva forces. The most strong and stable among them is the Kashmiri movement.

India has no option but to free Kashmiris. If it wants to save itself from more defeats. International Media and the International community both should watch how Modi advisor, a disciple of Chanakya, Ajit Doval is running networks of terrorism and blaming others for the same. The state structure is also falling apart due to government policies. Whatever happened two days back in Delhi is not ordinary to ignore. These protests can take shape of revolution and poses challenges to unity for India. Internal unrest is on rising since Modi reassumed power in 2019.

First, it was Kashmir where special status was revoked. The second was CAA where Muslims were targeted. Modi government failed to manage Covid-19 and its fallout. The latest agricultural laws increased the unrest in several folds. Due to the extremist view of the government, India is surrounded by crises after crises. On one hand, farmers’ movements have shaken the economic structure and at the second things are going out of control in Kashmir. After the revelation of terror plots and deceits at global, India may witness mutiny at any time and Modi will not be able to control it.

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