Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, stated that Islamabad cannot succeed in its fight against terrorism without the support of the Islamic Emirate.

Khan also criticized Islamabad’s reluctance to improve relations with Kabul, adding that Pakistan urgently needs to re-establish relations with Afghanistan’s interim government.

Imran Khan wrote on his X account: ” Without cooperation from Afghanistan, you cannot succeed in this operation. Why didn’t Bilawal Bhutto and the current foreign minister go to Afghanistan? Restoring relations with Afghanistan is our immediate need.”

Tahir Khan, a Pakistani journalist, said: “Imran Khan’s words are correct. If Pakistan wants a new operation, the cooperation of the Afghan government is essential.”

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly given assurances about the security of its borders and that Afghan soil will not be used against other countries; however, it has not yet commented on the former Pakistani prime minister’s statements.

The interim government of Afghanistan has also stated that it seeks to establish good relations with all countries, especially its neighbors.

Some political and military experts also believe that the existing challenges between the two countries should be resolved through understanding and dialogue.

Salim Paigir, a political affairs expert, told TOLOnews: “If the current government of Pakistan wants Pakistan to be safe and secure, it should improve its relations with Afghanistan, the Afghan people, and the Islamic Emirate. It is better to solve all issues through dialogue instead of war.”

Yusuf Amin Zazi, a political affairs expert, told TOLOnews: “Throughout history, Afghans have neither been terrorists nor terror-mongers. The suppliers and financiers of terrorism are the West, Britain, and, in the region, Pakistan. Occasionally, Russia also cooperates based on its regional interests.”

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the leader of Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, previously stated that the Pakistani officials’ statements about military operations on Afghan soil stem from Islamabad’s failures.

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