Agreement between India and Pakistan on pre-notification of flight testing of Ballistic Missiles agreed on February 21, 1999

The Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, hereinafter referred to as the Parties:-

Recalling the Memorandum of Understanding on 21 February 1999;

Committed to adopt appropriate measures aimed at preventing misunderstanding and misinterpretations and promoting a stable environment of peace and security between the two countries;

Have agreed as follows:-
Article 1

Each Party shall provide to the other Party, advance Notification of the flight test that it intends to undertake of any land or sea launched, surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.
Article 2

Each Party shall notify the other Party, no less than three days in advance of their commencement of a five day launch window within which it intends to undertake flight tests of any land or sea launched, surface to surface ballistic missile.
Article 3

Each Party shall issue appropriate NOTAMs and NAVEREAs through their respective authorities.
Article 4

The bilateral Pre-Notification shall be conveyed through the respective Foreign Offices and the High Commissions, as per the format annexed to this Agreement
Article 5

Each Party shall ensure that the test launch site (s) do not fall within 40 kms, and the planned impact area does not fall within 70 kms, of the International Boundary or the Line of Control on the side of the Party planning to flight test the ballistic missile.
Article 6

Each Party shall also further ensure that the planned trajectory of the ballistic missile being flight tested shall not cross the International Boundary or the Line of Control between India and Pakistan and further, it shall maintain a horizontal distance of at least 40 kms from the International Boundary and the Line of Control.
Article 7

The Parties shall treat the bilateral Pre-Notification exchanged under this Agreement as confidential, unless other wise agreed upon.
Article 8

The Parties shall hold consultations, on an annual basis, or more frequently as mutually agreed upon, to review the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement, as well as to consider possible amendments aimed at furthering the objectives of this Agreement. Amendments shall enter into force in accordance with the procedures that shall be agreed upon.
Article 9

This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by the two Parties.
Article 10

The Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years. It will be automatically extend for successive periods of five years at a time unless one or both parties decide otherwise.
Article 11

A Party may withdraw from this Agreement by giving six months written notice to the other indicating its intention to abrogate the Agreement.

In witness whereof the undersigned being duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.
Done at …………… on ……………. in two originals, each text being equally authentic.
(Signing Authority) (Signing Authority)
Government of the Government of the Islamic
Republic of India Republic of Pakistan


The Government of —— hereby notifies to the Government of —— that it will conduct a flight test of a land or sea launched, surface to surface ballistic missile within the period of ……. to ……..

The test launch site, the planned impact area and the planned trajectory of the ballistic missile conform to the provision of Article 5 & 6 if the Agreement between the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Pre-Notification of Flight Testing of Ballistic Missiles.

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