Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the ambassador and special representative of Iran to Afghanistan, said that the issue of Afghanistan is one of the important topics on the agenda of neighboring countries.

At the end of the Regional Contact Group meeting, Qomi described the developments in Afghanistan as influential on the region and announced the commencement of physical border fortification between Iran and Afghanistan.

The ambassador and special representative of Iran to Afghanistan said: “There are security cooperations between us and the Afghan side. If we want to realistically evaluate, you see that in recent months we have had the calmest security environment at the borders.”

The Islamic Emirate has not yet officially commented on these issues in this meeting; however, Zakir Jalali, director of the third political department of the Foreign Ministry said that the Islamic Emirate, like any other country, especially the regional countries, has issues for which it is seeking solutions.

Zakir Jalali added that the Islamic Emirate currently makes independent decisions based on its foreign policy priorities.

“Afghanistan is an independent country like other countries, and its international and internal issues are related to the Afghan government. Other countries, whether neighboring or distant, if they offer a suggestion out of compassion and goodwill, it is commendable,” said Seyed Hashim Jawad Balkhabi, a political analyst.

“First, a unified perspective must be created in the region. Neighboring countries must have a unified view and demand from the Islamic Emirate, and finally, this view and demand should be sent to the United Nations,” said Zakiullah Mohammadi, a political analyst.

The Regional Contact Group meeting on the situation in Afghanistan was held on Saturday in Tehran, with the presence of special representatives from Iran, Russia, China, and Pakistan. A representative of the Islamic Emirate was also invited to this meeting; however, the interim government did not participate.

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