The ambassador and special representative of Iran to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, stated that the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is the key to political stability and would be the beginning of reconstruction in the country.

The Special Representative for Afghanistan emphasized that Afghanistan belongs to all its people, and a government consisting of individuals from various ethnicities should be established.

Speaking at a gathering of Afghan citizens residing in Qom, Iran, he said: “We have clearly stated that Afghanistan is for all Afghans. If we want to avoid returning to the conditions of Bonn, we must focus on this issue.”

The Iranian Ambassador in Kabul also mentioned that while Iran interacts with the Islamic Emirate, it also offers its advice to the interim government officials of Afghanistan.

In his speech, Hassan Kazemi Qomi accused the United States of continuing its interventionist and destabilizing policies in Afghanistan, describing Daesh as an American project.

He stated, “Today, Americans are causing more trouble in Afghanistan than before.”

According to Kazemi Qomi, the people of Afghanistan bear the cost of America’s interventionist policies in the region.

Several political experts believe that while neighboring countries and the international community consistently call for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, they do not provide any concrete examples for its establishment.

Janat Faheem Chakari said, “All neighboring countries and the world agree on the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan, but they do not offer any examples. The Islamic Emirate continues to emphasize its previous statements; however, it would be better if the government formed in Afghanistan were inclusive.”

So far, the Islamic Emirate has not responded to these statements.

Previously, several countries have consistently emphasized the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan; however, the Islamic Emirate has asked these countries not to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

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