Is India preparing to make Hasina Wajid Myanmar's Aung San Su Kyi?

An hour-long film made in the United States to support the deteriorating relations between India and Bangladesh was released on Al Jazeera TV to discredit Bangladesh around the world. The film states that Bangladesh’s army chief, General Aziz, is accused of fleeing his brother from the country who were involved in the murder cases.

Al Jazeera TV reports that Bangladeshi officials and military generals are involved in forgery and abuse of power. Due to the closeness of Sheikh Hasina Wajid, on June 21, 2018, Lieutenant General Aziz Ahmed was appointed as the new Army Chief of Bangladesh. He replaced General Abu Bilal on June 25, 2018. Aziz Ahmed and his group played a key role in Hasina Wajid’s victory in the 2012 elections. In this election, Aziz Ahmed and his brothers killed hundreds of people in Bangladesh and filled the ballot box and Hasina Wajid became the Prime Minister of the country while the real ruler of the country is Aziz Ahmed

and his three brothers. And the same continues today. Haris and Anis, brothers of Bangladesh Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed, are accused of threatening and killing Jamaat-e-Islami and other political rivals in 1996. In 2018, General Aziz Ahmed sent his brother Haris to Hungary and Anis to Malaysia. Bangladesh’s army chief, General Aziz, is close to India, and in 1985, on India’s advice, Hasina Wajid appointed Aziz Ahmed and his brothers to protect her. In 2017, the Indian prime minister during his visit to Bangladesh suggested Aziz Ahamd be appointed army chief. And since then, there has been a spate of violence and roundups in Bangladesh against the Jamaat-e-Islami in particular and other opposition leaders in general. Due to General Aziz’s proximity to India, India had started preparations to send troops to Bangladesh in 2019, but due to Bangladesh’s maritime relations with China, India failed to do so. In 2020, hundreds of Chinese small boats will be seen plying the Bay of Bengal, which is why India is not daring to come to Bangladesh.

Hardly one can differ that all this is being done under a conspiracy at the moment. General Aziz Ahmed and his brothers have been involved in criminal activities since 1981 and earlier. In this regard, Bangladesh says that all this is the result of a conspiracy between India and Israel. And after Biden becoming the President of the United States, it is part of the action against anti-India countries. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid is being held hostage by her own army chief General Aziz and her brothers and 10 million Bangladeshis are living a miserable life in India. India has been threatening to lock up Bangladeshis in concentration camps for a year. If India sends these workers back, there will be a storm of unemployment in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi opposition leader Khaleda Zia has said that Army Chief General Aziz’s brother was also involved in the murder of her husband and General Irshad. Bangladesh will have to remove Army Chief General Aziz from the government to get out of this crisis. It seems that the Bangladeshi government is now providing protection to Army Chief General Aziz. In contrast,

India opposes Hasina Wajid’s government in Bangladesh. It is pertinent to mention that with the permission of Hasina Wajid, General Aziz, the Chief of the Bangladesh Army, came in 2019 to meet with the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Myanmar Armed Forces and the Chief of Army Staff, the Vice Senior General. They were close and cooperative, but now they are the rulers of Myanmar while the democratic elements are in jail. Are India and the US trying to play a similar game in Bangladesh? Because it has been a tradition for hundreds of years that the guardians of the royal palace are the ones who empty the coffins of the kings and fill the graves. Is India preparing to make Hasina Wajid Myanmar’s Aung San Kyi?

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