ISPR Uses The Word ‘Terrorists’ For Pakistan

Gowhar Geelani Uses The Word ‘armed rebels’

The vicious play of Pakistan to export cross-border terrorism is not the only challenge faced by the Indian state in Kashmir. Another major challenge is the constant effort by some local players to grant legitimacy to terrorism.

This duplicity of these supposedly credible figures of the society has as insidious, damaging impact on Kashmir. These credible figures keep their families and their children away from the conflict in safe and secure zones. Their children seek education in prestigious institutions and go into lucrative careers. The terror apologists amass personal wealth courtesy a happily obliging Pakistan.

The ones who pick up the gun and burn in the flames of militancy are the sons of poor Kashmiris. The indoctrination by the well-oiled terror ecosystem takes them into the cult of violence and death. The impetus provided by the terror apologists gives the militants the halo that they seek. Examine the tweet emanating from Pakistan regarding a terror attack. Here is what Inter-Services Public Relations Pakistan (ISPR) stated regarding the attack. In general area Dossali, North Waziristan District, in an intense exchange of fire, terrorist Mobeen AKA Majrooh got killed by Pakistani security forces in an IBO. He was involved in terrorist activities against security forces, target killing, and kidnapping for ransom.

Examine a similar tweet from Kashmiri “journalist” Gowhar Geelani regarding a terror attack in Kashmir. “Suspected armed rebels shot policeman identified as Shabir Wagay, resident of Amshipora Shopian, leaving him critically injured….”

The tweet by Gowhar created a furore was hotly debate in Kashmir. The Resistance Front (TRF), an offshoot of proscribed terror organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) had claimed ownership of the attack. A message released by TRF read, “Cadre of Shaheed Abbas Squad #TRF carried out a targeted attack on occupational stooge JK/SOG personal at Shopian. More targets on list. Waiting for the worst.” Gowhar chose to call the terrorists “suspected armed rebels.” Raja Muneeb, a freelance columnist and activist in Kashmir called out Gowhar’s duplicity. “This conflict entrepreneur has the gumption to call terrorists suspected armed rebels. This shameless stenographer of terror machinery gives legitimacy to terrorists in Srinagar.”

Gowhar is not alone. Well-oiled machinery is in place to demolish the efforts by the Indian state to combat terrorism. Pakistan cannot front-end this demolition. Pakistan provides the back-channel fodder for this terror machinery in various ways. ISI funds terrorism in Kashmir through terrorists and the supportive terror ecosystem. ISI sends the operatives into Kashmir to keep the terror ecosystem flourishing. ISI bankrolls all the so-called intellectuals to keep up the international disinformation war against India. Within Kashmir, terror apologists and sympathizers ensure that the conflict structures do not weaken. People like Gowhar Geelani are the terror apologists and sympathizers who enable and facilitate the terror ecosystem.

Courtesy: KZINE

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