At least three explosions occurred above Isfahan, a central Iranian city hosting facilities for the country’s nuclear program, weapons factories, and a major airbase. Witnesses, including travelers at the city’s airport, reported hearing loud booms as air defense systems engaged “suspicious objects”.

“While Iranian officials provided contradictory accounts to downplay the events, US officials promptly attributed the attack to Israel. An Iranian official suggested the attack involved small drones, possibly launched domestically. Previous incidents, including a drone strike on a weapons factory in Isfahan in January 2023, have been attributed to Israel.

Israeli officials, though declining public comment, were reportedly, quoted off the record suggesting Israeli involvement, indicating the attack aimed to demonstrate Israel’s capability to strike deep within Iran.

Reports indicate Israeli military operations against Iran, though Washington did not specify their character or scale. Iranian state media reported the downing of drones over Isfahan province, displaying live shots of a calm Isfahan city post-sunrise to reassure the public.

Attack after Iranian retaliatory strike

The apparent attack follows Iran’s firing of over 300 missiles and drones at Israel in response to an Israeli strike on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria, killing seven Iranian officials on April 1.

Israel also struck targets in Iraq and Syria. Internal Iranian flights were canceled, passengers evacuated from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airports, and explosions reported over Tabriz.

Meanwhile, Iranian official has told the media that there is no plan for immediate retaliation against Israel. Additionally, Vienna-based UN nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) called for ‘extreme restraint for everybody’ adding that “nuclear facilities should never be a target in military conflicts”. IAEA has confirmed no harm to the nuclear facilities in Iran in the attack.

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