In a significant move towards sustainable urban mobility, the Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) has finalised preparations to introduce 100 high-tech e-buses equipped with cutting-edge amenities. Each e-bus is outfitted with five CCTV cameras and charging points, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced passenger safety.
General Manager of JSCL, AshishAnand, confirmed the completion of route surveys and training programs for drivers and conductors across Jammu and its outskirts, where the e-buses are slated to ply. Anand expressed confidence that all 100 e-buses would commence operations within a matter of days, providing eco-friendly transport services to areas including Udhampur, Kathua, Samba, Katra, RS Pura, and beyond.
Furthermore, special e-bus services are scheduled to facilitate travel from Jammu Bus Stand to Suchetgarh Border, enabling passengers to witness the Beating Retreat ceremony on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
To support the seamless movement of e-buses, charging points have been strategically installed in Katra, Udhampur, and Kathua. Additionally, a mobile application named ‘Chalo’ has been launched, enhancing passenger convenience and accessibility.
These state-of-the-art e-buses, available in 9-meter and 12-meter variants, feature both heating facilities for winters and cooling amenities such as air conditioning for summers, ensuring passenger comfort throughout the year.
In terms of fare charges, the e-bus service offers competitive pricing, nearly equivalent to existing rates for matadors and other SRTC buses. Passengers can avail themselves of the e-bus service for a nominal fare of Rs 10 for distances ranging from 3 to 10 kilometers, in line with government-mandated fare structures.
The launch of this advanced e-bus service marks a significant stride towards promoting sustainable transportation solutions while enhancing the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors in Jammu.

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