Under this agreement an Indo-Pak joint commission was set up for the first time. The commission was meant to promote bilateral relations in various fields such as trade, education, culture, health, tourism etc. The agreement was done in New Delhi on December 24, 1982
Indo Pak Agreement on Joint Commission
New Delhi December 24th, 1982.
The Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, committed to the Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, mindful of the need to strengthen good neighborly relations; and desirous of strengthening mutual understanding and of promoting their bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields have agreed as follows:
Article – I
An Indo-Pakistan Joint Commission is established to strengthen understanding and to promote cooperation between the two countries for mutual benefit in economic, trade, industrial, education, health, cultural, consular, tourism, travel, information, scientific and technological field.
Article – II
The Joint Commission will submit mutually agreed reports and recommendations within the area of its competence to the appropriate authorities of the two Governments. Both Governments will consider taking such legal and administrative measures as will facilitate the fulfillment of the task entrusted to the Joint Commission.
Article – III
The Joint Commission may appoint sub-commissions as may be deemed necessary to deal with specific areas of cooperation. The sub-commissions will submit reports of their work to the Joint Commission at each session.
Article – IV
The Joint Commission will normally meet once a year alternately at New Delhi and Islamabad. The respective delegations will be led by the Minister of External Affairs of India and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and will include in addition, representatives designated by each Government.
Article – V
The sub-commissions will meet as often as mutually considered necessary and may invite, to such meetings, as may be agreed, official or non-official experts and advisors.
Article – VI
The Joint Commission and its sub-commissions may adopt such rules of procedure as may he necessary for their functioning in accordance with the provisions of this$ Agreement.
Article – VII
The decision and other conclusions of the Joint Commission will be drawn up in the form of reports or agreed minutes.
Article – VIII
The agenda for each session will be prepared after exchanging proposals through diplomatic channels, at the latest in the month preceding the opening of the session, and will be adopted on the opening day of the session.
Article – IX
This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years and shall be automatically renewed for each subsequent period of five years unless either party gives a written notice to the other six months in advance of its intention to terminate the Agreement. This Agreement may be modified by mutual consent.
Article – X
The present Agreement is subject to ratification. It shall enter into force provisionally on the date of signing and definitely on the date of exchange of instruments of ratification.

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