Batalik, Kargil
Kargil Conflict

Kargil valley comprises a cluster of most rugged, inhospitable and difficult to conquer mountain peaks and ridges. A part of the valley has been liberated by Freedom Fighters during Kashmir War 1947-49, however later, it was recaptured by the regular Indian Army in 1971 illegally, as In line with Karachi agreement of 1949, Cease-fire line was delineated up to Pt NJ9842. Kashmiris and native of GB continued to manifest their resolve for freedom of lost territory. In early 1999, locals and Kashmiris freedom fighters sneaked across LOC and occupied the vacant height dominating Kargil, Dras and Batalik areas. By April 1999, Indians realized the strategic surprise achieved by Mujahideen and responded with full military might. India made hue and cry at international level and named it as “infiltration” by Pakistan Army. Consequently Pak Army had to come into rescue of Mujahideen and bravely fought against Indian. This limited war ended in mid July and both armies reverted to pre-war positions. As per Indians, they lost 553 officers and soldiers (actual figure is much more) two helicopters and a combat aircraft whose Pilot named Nachi Kainta was arrested by Pakistan Army. Many Pakistani Soldiers laid their lives while defending their motherland. Captain Kernal Sher and Havildar Lalak Jan were among the recipients of Nishan-e-Haider.

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