Following the war of 1971 and the subsequent ceasefire, this agreement is arrived after meeting of officials from India and Pakistan held at New Delhi between August 25 and 29, 1972 on drawing of Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir
Indo-Pak Agreement Regarding Delineation of the Line of Control
29 August 1972.
In pursuance of the recent exchange of letters between the Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan, the representatives of the two sides, met in New Delhi on 25th and 29th August 1972. The Pakistan delegation comprised Mr. Aziz Ahmed, special envoy of the President of Pakistan, Mr. Rafi Raza, Special Assistant to the President of Pakistan and Mr. Abdul Sattar Director-Genera1, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Indian delegation comprised Mr. P. N. Haksar, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India, Mr. T. N. Kaul, Foreign Secretary, Mr. S. K. Banerji, Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, and Mr. A. S. Chib. Joint Secretary.
The two sides reviewed the development since the signing of the Shimla agreement and the need to resolve any doubts that may have arisen on either side and to ensure the smooth implementation of the agreement, They re-affirmed the determination of the two governments to implement the provisions of the Shimla Agreement in letter and in spirit for the establishment of durable peace in the subcontinent.
The two sides made the following recommendations to their respective governments:
(i) The line of control in Jammu and Kashmir resulting from the ceasefire of December 17th, 1971 will be delineated along its entire length and respected by both sides without prejudice to the recognised positions of either side. Maps showing this line will be exchanged by both sides. The inviolability of the line of control will be ensured by both the sides in accordance with paragraph 4 (II) of the Shimla Agreement. It was agreed that the delineation of the line will be completed by the 4th of September 1972.
(ii) In view of certain practical difficulties that have arisen, it may not be possible to complete the process of withdrawals within the period specified in the Shimla Agreement. Accordingly, the withdrawals to the international border will be completed by the 15th of September 1972.
(iii) Political leaders from Tharparkar will visit the areas of Sindh occupied by Indian forces in order to assure the inhabitants of the area that they will be welcome to remain in or return to their homes in Pakistan in safety and dignity from camps in India in accordance with the plan given by the Director of Military Operation of India on 21st August 1972 (vide Annexure). The Indian side will give the necessary facilities to ensure full implementation of the plan.

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