Proclamation Government Gazette Dated 7th Har 2006 or 9th June, 1949 whereby Maharaja Hari Singh entrusted his responsibilities upon Dr Karan Singh and left Jammu and Kashmir on health grounds

Whereas I have decided for reasons of health to leave the State for a temporary period and to entrust to the Yuvaraj Shree Karan Singh Ji Bahadur for that period all my powers and functions in regard to the Government of the State;
Now, therefore, I hereby direct and declare the all powers and functions, whether legislative, executive or judicial which are exercisable by me in relation to the State and its Government, including in particular my right and prerogative of making Laws, of issuing Proclamations, Orders and Ordinances, of remitting, commuting or reducing sentences and of pardoning offenders, shall during the period of my absence from the State be exercisable by Yuvaraj Shree Karan Singh Ji Bahadur.
Sd/- Hari Singh

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