Extracts of Resolution Working Committee all Jammu and Kashmir National Conference January 17, 1946 on the Treaty rights claimed by the Princes

The Working Committee of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has taken into consideration the speech made by the Viceroy of India in the princes Chamber on the 17th January, 1946 along with the declaration made by the Chancellor of the Chamber on behalf of the Princes regarding constitutional advancement in the States. After fully examining the salient points in both the speeches, the working committee has come to the following conclusion:
1. That the advice tendered by the Crown Representative to the Princes regarding the steps to be taken in making the administration of these States progressive did not amount to anything progressive. In fact it lost all the significance when he (Viceroy) made such progress conditional on the maintenance of the treaties and the consent of the Princes. These treaties and engagements which are outdated, reactionary and questionable have always stood and will always stand in the way of the States People’s progress and to think that the Rulers will give up their privileged positions that they enjoy under them at their sweet will is nothing but wishful thinking. The National Conference has at several occasions made It clear that these treaties have been made in times and under circumstances which do not obtain now and been framed without seeking the consent of the States People. Under such circumstances no treaties or engagements which act as a dividing wall between their progress and that their brethren In British India, can be binding on the people.

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