The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation of the caretaker government announced the expulsion of nearly three thousand Afghan migrants from Pakistan and Iran.

The ministry announced in a newsletter today, Tuesday, June 4, that 2,477 individuals were deported from Iran and 599 from Pakistan.

According to the Ministry of Refugees, returnees arrived in the country on June 3 through Islam Qala, Torghundi, and Spin Boldak borders.

Afghan migrants are being expelled from Pakistan at a time when the deportation of Afghan migrants from neighboring countries, especially Iran and Pakistan, has significantly increased in recent months.

This comes amid a dire humanitarian situation in the country and the recent deadly floods, which exacerbate the dire situation.

Moreover, Afghanistan has been grappling with the aftermath of recent natural disasters, including floods and landslides, which have caused widespread destruction and displacement.

The lack of adequate infrastructure and resources to respond to these emergencies has further compounded the humanitarian crisis in the country, leaving thousands of families homeless and in urgent need of assistance.

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