Following the deportation of Afghan migrants from Iran and Pakistan, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation of Afghanistan has reported the expulsion of nearly four thousand Afghan migrants from Pakistan and Iran.

On Wednesday, June 12, the ministry announced in a press release that a total of 3,437 Afghan migrants were deported from Iran and 275 from Pakistan.

The Ministry of Refugees stated in the press release that the returnees entered the country on June 11.

According to the press release, the mentioned migrants entered the country through the Islam Qala, Torkham, and Spin Boldak borders after being deported.

Afghan migrants are being expelled from Pakistan while the process of deportation from neighboring countries, especially Iran and Pakistan, has significantly increased in recent months.

The dire situation in Afghanistan has been exacerbated by the recent forced deportations and deadly floods.

These crises have further strained the country’s resources and worsened the living conditions for many. The floods have caused widespread destruction, displacing thousands of people and leaving them without basic necessities.

Amid these challenges, the shortage of funds from international aid agencies has left Afghanistan in a vulnerable position.

The lack of financial support is hampering efforts to provide relief and rebuild infrastructure, making it difficult for the country to recover from these multiple crises.

The international community’s reduced financial commitment has created a significant gap in humanitarian aid. This shortage is affecting various sectors, including healthcare, education, and food security, leading to a worsening of the already dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

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