Need to strengthen the foundations of the Islamic system

Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was not killed because he was working on Iranian nuclear weapons; he was killed as part of a larger conspiracy against Islam. Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are bearing the brunt of it.

IRAN: America could not save its diplomats from the wrath of the Iranian revolutionaries in 1979. Washington’s actions were self-defeating. It went after Saddam Hussain of Iraq and then waged a war on Iran. The war in Iraq lasted for eight years, killing thousands of Muslims. To punish Iran, America imposed sanctions but it could not break the resolve of the Iranians. President Trump ordered the killing of Gen Qassim Suleimani. In retaliation, Iran attacked Saudi Arabia, which was a strategic response. The missiles hit an oil-producing facility of Saudi Arabia with precision-guided missiles, which could not be detected even by the radars of the KSA and Israel. In 2006, Israel was defeated by Hezbollah with limited man-power and weapons. Now, Iran has procured missiles and has a good number of suicide-bombers ready to attack its enemies.

AFGHANISTAN: The Afghans have fought the superpowers of the world and defeated them during the last four decades. They have been able to defend their cause of establishing an Islamic system in Afghanistan. The Taliban re-grouped after the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan and defeated the foreign troops led by the US later. America tried hard to keep the Taliban away from establishing the Islamic system in Afghanistan. However, as Mullah Umar had said, “America and Pakistan had cheated us in 1990. This time we will not allow ourselves to be fooled.” The Afghans have paid a heavy price to defend the Islamic system in their country. Now the tables have turned and the situation is in favour of the Taliban.

PAKISTAN: Pakistan, in comparison, has not been able to protect its Islamic foundations. It supported the US during the Cold War and took its side. Because of this, America could take control of Pakistan’s political and security systems because of which neither could democracy take roots in the country nor a strong society could be established. America managed the perception of the Pakistanis and shifted our focus away from the Islamic system. This is unfortunate. The society and polity of Pakistan are in turmoil. The need of the hour is a coherent social system which would unite with “revolutionary Iran” and “Jihadi Afghanistan” to protect the Islamic world from its enemies.

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