No-confidence against the Election Commission?

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan continues with his distrust of Pakistani institutions. He does not trust his MPs. He has said that MPs were sold like animals. Now his ministers have expressed distrust in the Election Commission, even if many of its decisions have benefited his party.

The problem started with Election Commission filing its reply in the Supreme Court saying that the by-elections will be held in Daska again. It said that the political representatives violated the code of conduct and the administration failed to maintain law and order and what was even worse, the Chief Secretary and the IG did not cooperate with the Election Commission. In short, the government indulged in every possible fraud (to influence the outcome of the election). The next day, the Court ruled that the by-election would take place again. Looking at the position of the Election Commission, the Ministers in Imran’s cabinet came out with statements that the Election Commissioner was not credible and should resign. They also alleged that the electoral body was not neutral and it had completely failed to fulfill its responsibility.

When government spokespersons like Shibli Faraz, Fawad Chaudhry, and Shafqat Mahmood say something, it should be considered as coming out of Imran Khan’s mouth. These ministers believe that the PML-N is controlling the Election Commission. However, this Election Commission was also chosen by the ruling party. This sense of distrust is not limited to the Election Commission. The PTI members do not also trust the judges of the Lahore High Court, the judges of the Islamabad High Court, and the judges of the Supreme Court. They only trust the judges who rule in their favour. The government also wants an Election Commission that favours the government in its decision.

This psyche is not the sole prerogative of PTI. It is true of all the rulers of the country. The rulers want a constitution of their choice and want it to be interpreted in a manner that suits them. Before Imran Khan, Mian Nawaz Sharif was also in the same frenzy, but he made a mistake. He also wanted to bring in his own army chief. He faced a shock in 1999. He insisted on bringing a lawsuit against General Pervez when he returned to power. Again he was shocked. The PMs forget that they cannot appoint an army chief of their choice. They have to surrender to the will of the Army Chief. Be it Zardari, Gilani, or Nawaz Sharif and now Imran Khan, can anyone dare to come to power without the consent of this institution? All politicians prostrate at the same door. PTI is also doing the same.

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