In a distressing turn of events, Dostain Baloch and Anees Sabzal have been taken. Dostain, summoned to a Pak Army camp, and Anees, abducted from a mosque, have tragically disappeared at the hands of the Army, leaving their whereabouts unknown.

The nightmare of Pak-occupied Balochistan runs deep, as it has endured decades of suffering under the heavy hand of the Pak Army since the forcible annexation of this resource-rich region in 1948. Enforced disappearances have become a grim reality, with innocent Baloch youths and children being snatched away by the Pak ‘establishment’, their fate often remaining unknown or tragically discovered as lifeless bodies, victims of the infamous “Kill and Dump Policy”.

Despite the overwhelming odds, families of the victims demand justice and the safe return of their loved ones. One such courageous act unfolded as the family of Lala Rafeeq Dashti, who was abducted on December 22, 2023, at the hands of the Army, took to the streets along the Gwadar Coastal Highway, Shankani Dar, to protest his disappearance.

They were met with brutal violence by the police, with a large number of male and female officers attempting to sabotage the protest and harass women. Furthermore, three male protestors were arrested.

Forced disappearances not only constitute a violation of the law but also rob individuals of their fundamental rights. This cycle of oppression must end, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions.

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