In a chilling incident that has become all too common in the PoB region, Pak Army personnel conducted a late-night raid and forcibly disappeared three local residents from Talokan village on June 14.

Those abducted have been identified as Zamid Baloch, son of Abdul Majeed, Saeed Baloch, son of Mussa, and Farhad Baloch, son of Ghafoor. The raid took place around 2 AM at their homes in the Balicha area of Tump.

The enforced disappearances are the injustice inflicted upon the long-oppressed Baloch people by Pakistan’s powerful military establishment since the forced annexation of the region in 1948.

For over seven decades, the Baloch have endured a relentless nightmare of violence, military raids, extrajudicial killings, and blatant human rights abuses at the hands of Pakistani forces.

Rather than resolving the long-simmering conflict through dialogue, Islamabad’s brutal iron-fisted approach has only fueled further resentment and pushed the resource-rich region deeper into chaos.

Human rights activists have repeatedly condemned Pakistan’s illegal occupation and atrocities emerging from Balochistan. However, the military has shown no signs of altering its heavy-handed tactics, perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence with no resolution in sight.

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