In a disturbing incident that unfolded on March 10, a young boy named Nik Ahmed was abducted by Frontier Corps (FC) personnel from Ali Masjid, Khyber raising concerns about human rights violations and enforced disappearances by Pakistan Army-controlled forces.

Despite having a clean record and no criminal accusations against him, Ahmed was abducted without any apparent legal basis. The incident was captured on video, revealing FC officials in an official vehicle forcibly taking Ahmed while onlookers protested the abduction.

This incident has brought to light a growing pattern of enforced disappearances involving Pakistan Army and its affiliated forces. The victims, often targeted for their dissenting voices, face a harrowing situation as they are neither presented in court nor do their families have access to legal recourse. The Pakistan Army consistently denies involvement in such activities, leaving families in a state of despair.

The video evidence underscores the involvement of Pakistan’s FC in the kidnappings. The whereabouts of Nik Ahmed remain unknown, leaving his family deeply concerned for his safety. Enforced disappearances pose a significant challenge, as the victims often endure years of brutality before being released or, tragically, meet a fatal end.

Of particular concern is the targeting of young boys, some of whom are students, seen as potential dissenting voices in the future. The fear is that the enforced disappearance of these individuals is an attempt to suppress any narrative that could shed light on Pakistani oppression in the region.

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