Pakistan Army High Altitude School, Rattu


Army High Altitude School was established at Rattu (Northern Area of Pakistan) in December 1987. This institution trains troops in High Altitude and Mountain Warfare operations including skiing. During summers students are also given a chance of climbing 19000 feet altitude on various peaks.

Army High Altitude School Location

Pakistan Army High Altitude School, Rattu

Army High Altitude School is located at Rattu (Northern Areas). Rattu is one of the century-plus old cantonments of Kashmir. It is located at an altitude of 9000 feet above sea level. The weather during summer remains very pleasant but winters are very cold and temperatures vary between ~20°C to -35°C. Rattu receives 3 feet to 6 feet of snow during winter.

Educational Philosophy

Pakistan Army High Altitude School, Rattu

This school train students in skiing, High Altitude, and Mountain Warfare operations. Training is imparted in the shape of lectures, demonstrations, and practicals. In order to ensure realistic training, tactical exercises are conducted at altitudes of 12000 feet to 16000 feet at the base of famous Nanga Parbator Rakaposhi peaks. In the basic training, students are taken to 19000 feet altitude. School also undertakes a number of trekking and mountaineering expeditions on famous peaks to ensure the following:

  • Maximum stress is laid on practical training i.e. mountain/ snow crafts to enable trainees to overcome difficulties faced at high altitude
  • Develop in trainees the confidence to operate in small groups and to survive in high altitude snowbound and glaciated areas
  • Increase the awareness in use, care, and maintenance of weapons/ equipment at high altitude
  • Organize training in a way to develop endurance, liking for mountains and inculcate comradeship in the trainees to operate in most inhospitable environments

Army High Altitude School Faculty

The training team consists of Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, and Non Commissioned Officers. The entire training staff is qualified in mountain warfare and high altitude operations.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Recreational facilities of indoor and outdoor games like squash, gymnastics, weight training, badminton, tennis, football, hockey, handball, basketball, volleyball, and hiking are available next to the living accommodation of officers and men.

Army High Altitude School Campus

Rattu Campus is surrounded by River Kalapani and River Mir Malik. Mountain craft training sites, river crossing sites, and ski slopes are located within the campus.


Army High Altitude School is one of the youngest institutions of Army. In a very short span of time, this institution has trained a considerable number of troops in High Altitude and Mountain Warfare operations, the school is also making efforts to promote mountaineering and skiing in the country.

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