Tensions have escalated as Pakistan Army have occupied the largest mosque in Tirah Lar Bagh during an operation, leading to ongoing protests from local residents. The Pak Army personnel have reportedly been residing in the mosque since then, establishing a military camp within its premises and allegedly desecrating the sacred site.

Furthermore, the situation has worsened as Pak Army personnel are now constructing a wall to encroach upon the adjacent flat land and markets, implementing various land-grabbing policies in the process.

In response to these actions, local residents have staged a sit-in protest for the past six days, demanding the vacation of the mosque and the cessation of illegal land occupation. The protest reflects growing discontent among the community over the infringement upon their religious and property rights.

Notably, Pak Army is known for land grabbing but encroachment on the mosque’s property exposes their real character. Pakistan was formed on the basis of Islamic religion and the act of the Pakistan Army clearly shows that religious basis has been deeply compromised over the greed of radicalised army generals. Apart from the greed, Pakistani establishment also wants to increase the profiling of civilians in the region as its terror promoting policies have backfired vehemently. As a result, there is a distrust between the establishment and the people of Pakhtunkhwa, who are the real victims of two sided terrorism of Pak Army and terrorists.

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