Pakistan Army Air Defence 1965


School of Anti Aircraft Artillery was established in 1941 at Clifton, Karachi, and is one of the oldest institutions of the Pakistan Army. The school played an active role in the training of all ranks of Anti Aircraft Artillery during the Second World War. Later on, the School was shifted to Malir cantonment and has been meeting the training requirements of Anti Aircraft Artillery of Pakistan Army. Consequent to advancement in air threat and the trend of arms expansion, the Anti Aircraft Artillery was bifurcated in 1989 from its parent arm and was renamed as School of Army Air Defence.

Location School of Army Air Defence

The School is situated in Malir cantonment, which is about 7 km northeast of Quaid-e-Azam International Airport. Malir cantonment is located in the southeast of Karachi and enjoys all the facilities of a modern cantonment. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, the capital of Sindh, and has all the facilities of a modern metropolitan city.

Pakistan Army Air Defence Kargil

The climate of Karachi, influenced by the Arabian Sea, generally remains moderate. The months of December and January are slightly cold. At times cold spells lasting two or three days, caused by Siberian winds blowing over Baluchistan Province, may be experienced during these months. Weather in the months of May and October is hot and the maximum temperature occasionally exceeds 32 degrees centigrade. The weather usually remains dry, however, Karachi receives some rainfall during the monsoon season in the months of June, July, and August.

Educational Philosophy

To identify the quantum of air threat to national, strategic, and military targets and to enable officers and selected ranks to respond in a uniformed manner by imparting them progressive training corresponding with their ranks and service.

To impart technical and tactical training to all air defence officers and selected ranks in order to make them proficient in handling/deployment of air defence weapons and to train them to counter the expected air threat effectively. In addition, it produces instructors and staff officers to meet the requirements of Air Defence School, Centre and formations.

The Faculty

Pakistan Army School of Army Air Defence

In order to ensure a high standard of training, Air Defence officers having a high career profile and outstanding performance in professions are posted as instructors. In addition to the instructional staff from own arm, the faculty also has instructor officers from Pakistan Air Force, Armoured Corps, Infantry, and Artillery. All instructors of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and above and Majors of the tactical wing are Staff Course and Gunnery Staff Course qualified. Whereas the rest of the instructor officers are selected on merit after their Gunnery Staff Course. All assistant instructors detailed on various courses are position holders from their respective trade courses. The medium of instruction for all Officers’ courses is English, whereas Junior Commissioned Officers’ and Non Commissioned Officers’ courses are taught in the Urdu language.

School of Army Air Defence Campus

The campus area is approximately 4 square kilometers and houses a number of training and administrative blocks, living accommodation for staff and students. It has a well-established officer mess, a large mosque, and a sports complex.


The Army Air Defence Corps is dynamic in nature and is likely to further expand and modernize. The school and center are trying its best to meet the new challenges squarely for which long term plans have already been made.

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