Pakistan Is Disintegrating Kashmir’s Brotherhood On Our Watch

As many as 28 civilians have been killed by terrorists this year. Five of them belonged to local Hindu and Sikh communities. Two were non-local Hindu labourers. The rest of the 21 people killed by terrorists were Muslims. The writing is on the wall. Kashmiri Muslims are the biggest casualty of the bloody proxy war imposed by Pakistan. We are back to the times when each dawn seems to bring a new conspiracy, a new attack to disintegrate the brotherhood of the Valley.

An evil and malicious feud is being fought in our name – in the name of the Kashmiris. We have willy nilly become party to this venomous game. The tragedy is that we are the losers daily. We are losing everything. Our unique identity which we wish to protect. Our indigenous culture. Our social values. Everything is being ripped apart by this war of hate heaped upon us. All this is happening under our watch. As one horrific act after another plays out before us, we are watching Kashmir again turning towards the 90s. The recent killings of five local Hindus or Sikhs and two non-local labourers have jolted us. The killings have brought forth the grim picture of the environment of fear and intimidation. We are giving our children and grandchildren this environment built on the basis of an anarchic narrative that claims to represent the majority community.

Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief Riyaz Naikoo had said in February 2019 that “if the Indian government scraps Article 370/35A, no non-local can stay in Kashmir”. The terror blogger Kashmir Fight has been lighting this fire. The terror groups operating in Kashmir, sponsored and remote-controlled by Pakistan, have executed a spate of killings to execute Pakistan’s xenophobic vision for Kashmir. It is unfortunate that the politicians of Kashmir have added fuel to this fire with their statements.

The Role Of The Land Mafia Needs To Be Investigated

The role of the land mafia in threatening the minorities in Kashmir cannot be ruled out. Several sections of the society including the land mafia have developed a huge interest in the bloody conflict. Over the years these sections of society have amassed wealth beyond one’s imagination. The conflict as such has turned out to be a huge industry for these conflict managers.

Interestingly, the majority of the land mafia has direct or indirect links or relations with one or the other separatist leader, terror group, or terrorist commander. The land mafia is controlled by the separatists. Through the separatists, this mafia is connected to Pakistan. The orders issued for the retrieval of the immovable property of the minority community may or may not be based on rationale. But this has added to the insecurity of the people who are party to the distress sale of minority property. There is a possibility that the land mafia – which has links with terrorist groups and organizations – may have hired groups and individuals to threaten and kill the people of the minority community. This may have been done to resist the imposition of the government order. This needs to be investigated.

In 1990, when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee from the valley, their properties were confiscated by the land mafia. Many of these properties are still illegally occupied. Many Pandits were forced into distress sale of their properties. The state has started a campaign to remove the illegal occupation of the properties of Kashmiri Pandits. Pandits are filing complaints of possession of their properties. The land mafia in Kashmir has benefited hugely by selling Pandit properties. Some Kashmiris are of the view that with the talk of Pandits returning and reclaiming their properties, the land mafia is deliberately snuffing out all such possibility by activating the terror cells. At the same time, most Kashmiri Muslims believe that Pandits and Sikhs are an integral part of Kashmir, and their exit is unacceptable.

ISI’s Blueprint For Kashmir, Executed by Terror Groups

The terror blog, run by anonymous handlers in Pakistan and UK, uploaded content on September 24 viciously targeting the non-locals. The blog listed 21 strategies, out of which eight strategies have been executed. This cannot be a mere coincidence that a terror blog lists strategies, and within days action is carried out.

The following is the horrific plan of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence for Kashmir. All the human rights defenders whose hearts bleeds for Kashmir must take note of this gruesome blueprint. It must invite global condemnation.

Terror groups have acted upon the points marked in bold.

  • Target every non-local official whether in the valley or at their native places
  • Target non-locals whosoever comes to valley for long stay
  • Kashmiri Pandits who have migrated from Kashmir in early 1990s and now are planning to shift back
  • Every non-local employee whosoever it might be irrespective of the department he/she is employed with/in
  • Target every house of JK Police personnel whosoever is involved in anti-Kashmir struggle
  • Petrol bombs, stones etc. to be thrown towards informers locations locally
  • Wherever any non-local is located he is to be warned to leave Valley at earliest (it will not damage the image of JK but in fact will safeguard the sanity and culture of JK )
  • Local Government employees should show their resentment against such orders/circulars which tries to curb their freedom and goes against their work
  • Sports events organized by occupier regime and its stooges has to be banned/boycotted
  • Whosoever is involved in government/occupational forces events has to be dealt harshly
  • Don’t welcome those Kashmiri Pandits who have migrated from Kashmir and are now showing their filthy faces again in the Valley
  • Target those heads of educational institutions who are hand in glove with the occupier
  • Boycott all those media outlets who names have emerged as collaborators
  • Maintain distance with the occupier stooges and its forces especially JK Police whosoever is directly or indirectly involved in anti-Kashmir cause
  • Identify every collaborator and traitor
  • Freedom Fighters have to prioritize their targets according to the Kashmir cause
  • Locals should shun their dependence on non-locals
  • Keep distance from such elements who are against Kashmir cause
  • Try to understand the negative impact of non-locals residing in JK
  • Non-locals to be targeted irrespective of their nature of work (this act might look vague but in the long run it will prove beneficial and effective for Kashmir Cause)
  • Since outsiders come to JK for harassing, brutalizing and controlling JK affairs so it becomes mandatory to expanding operation outside JK and it is to intensified

Courtesy : KZINE

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