In a move to reignite tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pak “establishment” has announced plans to recommence the deportation of Afghan migrants from their territory starting next month. The decision comes after increase in tensions at the border and the exodus of over half a million Afghans from Pakistan after Islamabad set a deadline last November for undocumented migrants to leave or face arrest.

While Pakistan has cited security concerns and economic pressures as motivations for the crackdown, but the main underlying reason is to exert pressure on the Taliban-led government in Kabul over issues related to clashes at border.

senior official from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which shares a border with Afghanistan, revealed that the Army establishment had informed them about the commencement of the second phase of deportations following the Eid holiday in April. Similarly, another senior police personnel based in Peshawar disclosed plans for a renewed operation targeting “illegal Afghans” post-Eid, with directives issued to identify their locations.

Afghan refugees

Despite the lack of specific directives, the puppet authorities have already begun compiling data on Afghan refugees residing in the region. The influx of Afghans into Pakistan has been ongoing for decades, with millions seeking refuge, particularly following the Taliban’s rise to power in 2021, which saw a surge in arrivals due to the imposition of strict Sharia laws.

Furthermore, tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan have further escalated, with Islamabad accusing Kabul of harboring groups and organisations responsible for cross-border attacks, a claim consistently denied by the Taliban. The recent escalation follows BLA Majeed Brigade attack inside Pak-occupied-Balochistan’s Gwadar that claimed the lives of over 25 personnel. Pakistan Army is now doing what it does best, in an attempt to cover up their failing structure, the Pak establishment is now issuing a yet another brutal crackdown on the innocent Afghan refugees.

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