According to a media report, authorities in the Balochistan province have issued a warning for Afghan migrants, indicating that they should voluntarily leave villages in the province by Tuesday.

Police stated that Afghan migrants with Afghan citizenship cards and registration cards are subject to this warning, as reported by the Afghanistan international.

Afghan migrants said on Monday that police have warned if they don’t leave Baluchistan’s villages by 8 a.m. local time on Tuesday, April 16th, they will be forcibly expelled.

According to the report, police have warned villages such as Kraz, Nav Bazar, and Pishin in Balochistan to evacuate and return to Afghanistan voluntarily.

Earlier, the Pakistani government announced that Afghan migrants with Afghan Citizen Cards (ACC) and Proof of Registration (PoR) cards would not be expelled from Pakistan, but now provincial authorities in Balochistan say even legal migrants will be expelled.

Proof of Registration and Afghan Citizenship Cards are identity documents for Afghan migrants, allowing them to live legally in Pakistan. These cards are valid throughout Pakistan.

Since November last year, Pakistani authorities have forcibly deported over 700,000 Afghan migrants from the country, exacerbating the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. These migrants now face numerous challenges, including shortages of food, shelter, and employment opportunities.

The Afghan migrants deported from Pakistan in recent months find themselves confronting a multitude of difficulties. With limited access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, and employment opportunities, they struggle to rebuild their lives amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

While the Pakistani government had announced it would soon begin the second phase of expelling Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

The current Taliban regime has remained silent on the issue, refraining from making any comments or statements regarding the situation.

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